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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jorma and Devon's Flourished Tale

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (Texas), a handsome and sweet little boy was born (in less than one hour) into a warm and loving (and very tired) family. He grew up, flourishing between his older sister (the little princess) and his younger brother (who always got his way).

Five years later (well, almost five years later…a mere day short of it), in a land far, far away (Florida) from this little boy, a vivacious and beautiful little girl was born (also in less than an hour) into the eager arms of her Mother. This little girl grew up under the watchful eye and fun-loving spirit of her Doting Older Sister.

When the little boy was two years old, he was whisked away (well, by his parents, of course) in a horse-drawn carriage (a V-8 to be exact) along with his siblings (who only asked one hundred times, “Are we there yet?”) to live happily in Virginia… until he was nine.

Not allowing any grass to grow for too long under their aching feet, the parents of this youth swooped him up (or actually made him hop in the car all by himself) and ventured forth into the Land of the Lovely Evergreen Pines (Raleigh), leaving their home and livestock (“Baby,” the dog) behind.

It is here that this fair-haired youth grew up into an intelligent (true), artistic (true), and dashing (true) young man.

Now, we have not forgotten this little feminine gem that had been sparkling and thriving in the heat of the Florida sun all this time. In fact, it got so hot in Florida, that when this fair young maiden became, well, a Fair Young Maiden, she decided to venture forth into a land that was milder. So she saddled her horse (a V6) all by herself (because not only was she a striking beauty, but also a fearless one) and made haste to the hospitality of her Aunt and Uncle who lived quietly with their Gifted and Handsome son in the woods of the Evergreen Pines.

Ah Hah! The plot thickens!

The Fair Young Maiden and the Dashing Youth now found themselves living not so Far, Far Away!

In fact, as it happens in Fairytales, their paths were destined to cross.

Unbeknownst to The Fair Young Maiden, her cousin (you know, The Gifted and Handsome One) had been dueling demons and all manner of fierce foes (and by that I mean, video games) for years alongside the Dashing Youth.

It came on a day that this Dashing Youth made his way in full armour (t-shirt and torn jeans) to be at The Gifted One’s side, to once again battle their foes together (that battle just went on and on and on).

As this Dashing Youth entered The Gifted One’s castle, his Universe changed course, for there, blinding him with her sparkling (albeit really, really young) beauty was our Fair Young Maiden.

Their eyes met.

In an instant, the miles between them closed. Once far, far away from each other, they now inhabited the same hour, the same day, the same minute, the same second, the same moment in time...shall I go on?

His battle now became one to win her heart, her mind, and her soul.

She pierced his heart with her beauty and adoration. He captured her heart with his kindness and gentle spirit.

She reached out her hand to him as he reached out his hand to her, and they walked, hand-in-hand (obviously), into the warmth of the Evergreen Pine’s sunset.

Thus begins the tale of the Dashing Youth and the Fair Young Maiden…

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