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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

aFlourishedTale: About a boy and what he saw.

This is the tale of a little boy and the magic he saw happen through his red binoculars one day.

I wrote the beginnings of this fairy tale and then lettered it with watercolors and gold. This was a major work of art for me as I had not designed such a large piece before with so many words. But I was in a year-long calligraphy workshop under Reggie Ezzel and this was one of the projects. It took me about a year to do, having to gear up the courage.

I was able to hang it up in the Student's Gallery of art at the 2016 international calligraphy conference, A Show of Hands.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Tale of Michael and Akira

Once upon a time , a match was lit online, and it started a slow burn. As the keystrokes flew between Beauty School and Shoe School, the embers sparked into the beginnings of a romance.

It came upon a day that the Brave and Talented Knight from Shoe School hit the keystrokes, inviting the Fair Young Maiden from Beauty School to meet him, face to face, at the Fisherman’s Wharf . . . then he hit Send.

The Fair Young Maiden’s finger hovered tentatively over her Send button, then, before she could change her mind, she clicked it with anticipation. The Knight’s invitation was accepted.

On the agreed upon day, The Fair Young Maiden made her way to the wharf and sat with baited breath on the bench in front of the giant, and kinda scary, crab statue . . . and waited. Unbeknownst to her, the Brave and Talented Knight had preceded her and was aperch the next bench over. Eventually, he slowly turned his head.

What started out as a small ember, now burst into a hot flame.  His eyes fell on her and he said to himself, “She’s more beautiful in person.” After catching his breath and slowing down his heart, he arose, stood in front of the Fair Young Maiden, held out his hand, and introduced himself with a smile.

That eventful day was spent entirely in each other’s company, enjoying food, the sights, and each other’s nearness. It was a match made in cyberspace.

But let’s not end the story here.

The Knight continued to woo and dine The Fair Maiden, and she continued to spin her spell over him. So, of course, there had to be another special and eventful day.

A few years later, while the happy couple was vacationing with family in the Napa Valley, touring winery after winery, (and getting soused?), The Talented Knight’s well-orchestrated plans finally came to pass. The families’ meanderings just so casually ended up at the aforementioned wharf. At the very same bench. Hmmmmm.

The plot thickens.

Just enough space was cleared on the bench and the Talented and Thoughtful Knight had his Lovely and Sweet Maiden sit on their bench . . . while he knelt down on one knee.

The crowd at the wharf roared with applause, and a choir group . . . where did they come from??? . . . broke into song as the sun was setting over the tearful Maiden. Really? This teller of Fairy Tales could not have made this one up.

Ahhh . . . suffice it to say, the Brave and Talented Knight from Shoe School and the Fair Young Maiden from Beauty School, won each other over, and they will be living happily ever after, not only sharing cyberspace, but their hearts as well.

(Tale as told by a most humble Storyteller)