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Friday, October 5, 2012

Cap'n Jonny B

Once upon a time there be a wee lad, coming nigh of the age of a mere six summers. He dreamed of the High Seas and of Pirate Ships and swords and such. His name was Jonny B. “Avast, all ye Buckos,” he’d say, “and beware me mighty blade! You’ll not be hornswagglin’ me out of me hard-thieved booty!” The Jolly Roger was aswayin’ in the breeze of the darkenin’ storm high above the Crow’s Nest. Even though Cap’n Jonny B was just a young lad, he had the courage of a wizened Old Salt. He’d battled the Black Savage before and knew he was a rough and tumble Scallywag. But he also knew the Savage’s one fatal flaw...The Old Seadog couldn’t resist Gobstoppers or Goobers! The Seaworthy Cap’n Jonny B always kept a stash of each on hand, hidden up high in burlap sacks tied to the Main Mast and hanging above the Poop Deck. (Yes, Mateys, the Poop Deck! And no, Mateys, that's not whatcha do on it!) The brave Cap’n took his cutlass in hand, and with one measured blow unleashed the contents of the bags! “Blimey, and blow me down!” cried the Black Savage as these tasty goodies landed at his dirty feet. He stroked his greasy beard, his head swam, and he felt dizzy at the sight of these tempting treasures! As the Old Scoundrel of a Buccaneer bent down to gather up a hefty handful of booty, the Brave Cap’n Jonny B swooped in and effortlessly shoved his enemy overboard! Cap’n Jonny B stood at the edge of the bow, one leg hefted onto the brim of his faithful sailing vessel, and watched as The Black Savage was taken below water by the dreaded Sea Monster. Feeling mighty proud of himself, The Young and Handsome Cap’n took hold of the wheel and turned his ship into the vibrant colors of the setting sun, knowing all too well that another day meant another Man-O-War on the horizon!